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What is Art for Charity?

Art for Charity is a non-profit that raises funds for charities such as Habitat for Humanity and Best Buddies. Charities use Art for Charity as a free, turn-key, powerful, efficient way to raise funds. All work by the Art for Charity non-profit organization is done by volunteers. If you would like to volunteer please contact us. Our mission is simple: do good.


Which charities does Art for Charity support?

Art for Charity supports charities such Best Buddies, Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity, and Lupus Foundation of America. Please see our charities page for more information or please contact us if you have a relationship with a charity that you would like Art for Charity to support.


Which charity benefits from my purchase?

50% of the profit goes to the charity that you select from the list of charities provided next to each item. The other 50% goes to the charity that the artist selects.  If the artist does not select a specific charity, then all of the profit goes to the charity you select.


Are purchases tax deductible?

Not yet. AFC is awaiting approval for a 501(c)(3) tax exemption. Once approved, consumers will thereafter receive proof of charitable contributions for the amount donated (i.e. the amount equal to the purchase price less the value of goods received).


How is Art for Charity funded?

Art for Charity is funded by a portion of the proceeds from each sale and by donors whose contributions fund the infrastructure and operations.


Who contributes art work?

All art work is generously contributed by artists. If you are an artist who wants to contribute art work, please contact us.


Does Art for Charity accept returns?

Art for Charity does process a return if you receive a damaged product. If not, we ask that you gift the product.  If you cannot afford a replacement, contact us and we will find a donor to pay for the replacement.


Does Art for Charity ship internationally?

Art for Charity does not yet ship internationally.  If you are interested in being an international partner, please contact us.


We truly appreciate and thank you for your support of Art for Charity and for making the world a better place.
– Michael Sandler, Founder of Art for Charity

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